Brummy barber and football mad. Cutting since 1996 and have never stopped loving my work. “Cutting hair… I never get bored of, but the same four walls can take its toll after a few years so I have always like to move around freelancing in different stores. Lawsons Mens Hair (Sydney), Clippers Barbers (Birmingham). I have worked and travelled cutting my way around the world working in both the corparate style barbers and the more casual shops in England, Australia and time in the US & NZ. Love it here on the Sunshine Coast. I work mostly on Mondays, Tuesdays mornings, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.


Jannel (Nell)

Jan (Nell) a Eels fan (we don’t hold it against her). A new mum back work at Manzone after 4 months out. Formally from Sydney trained with an old school Italian barber. Normally working on Tues afternoon Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday.



Leesa joins us as a proper old school barber. One of the last barbers trained before the merge with hairdressing.
Leesa is a dedicated bodybuilder and love to enter competitions. Day’s Lessa can be found are normally Monday, Fridays and Saturdays,subject to change.