10 Reasons to Choose ManZone

Extra fully qualified staff from 1:30pm weekdays for the lunch time & school rush.

Extra fully qualified  staff in holiday times.

Only barbers in the post code to stay open until 5:30pm weeknights.

Only barbers with PS4 & Xbox to play on in the chair.

EFTPOS friendly as we believe in doing business properly.

Best pattern and track work in Caloundra.

Website Voucher pre paid system with discounts,bringing Barbering in to the 21st century.

Senior discounts 5 days per week 9:30am-3:00pm.

MZB is proud to honour the true barbers pole and its history by only cutting MEN & BOYS hair….we simply don’t need to cut women’s hair to make it in business.

MZB only advertises its own work and not others or google images.